The Exosuit CLI currently only works on macOS. The Exosuit CLI can be installed using Homebrew.

$ brew tap jasonswett/exosuit && brew install exosuit
$ exo --version


As of this writing Exosuit can:

  • Launch an EC2 instance
  • SSH into an EC2 instance
  • Terminate EC2 instances
  • List EC2 instances

Exosuit does not yet do anything to do with installing Rails, although that of course is in the plans.

Launching an EC2 instance

You can launch an EC2 instance by using the launch command:

$ exo launch

Within a few seconds, your EC2 instance will be ready.

SSHing into your EC2 instance

The next thing you might want to do is SSH into the instance you just created. You can do that like this:

$ exo ssh

Listing your EC2 instances

Want to see all the instances you’ve launched? Run this command.

$ exo instances

Terminating an EC2 instance

To terminate an instance, run:

$ exo terminate

You will be given a prompt of all your running instances. You can select any number of instances to terminate.

Getting help

If you run the exo command, you’ll see some help output, which will look something like this:

  exo [command]

These are the commands you can use:
  launch                 Launch a new EC2 instance
  ssh                    SSH into an EC2 instance
  terminate              Terminate an EC2 instance
  instances              Show a summary of all running EC2 instances
  instances:all          Show a summary of EC2 instances (all states)